Friday, July 31, 2009

My crazy life

The past two weeks have been a whirlwind. It started with a trip to England (which you can read about here), an amazing trip that I was blessed to take and experience, which rolled into a visit to see my parents for a long weekend to surprise my Mom with a trip to Rome for her birthday, which rolled into me flying directly to Syracuse, NY for a business trip on a day with crazy storms resulting in a 6 hour delay in my arrival. When I got to Syracuse, on the second day, I got bombarded with calls with my London team at 5 am for three days in a row.

But here is the truth, I wouldn't change a thing. And I am truly blessed to be able to take it all in and go with the flow.

I just finished reading a book entitled "Struck Down But Not Destroyed" by Roxanne Smith. She is a friend of my aunt's. At 27, she developed degenerative disease of her back, and has since lived in chronic pain and life as a "horizontal woman". She has managed to be able to stand for only 2 hours a day. The story is amazing, and she is quite the devoted Christian. I found her story truly inspiring because through it all she has developed the ability to find acceptance, and believe that her life is blessed. After I finished reading it, I thought, "well that gives me some perspective".

So today I am truly thankful that I am able to live my crazy life and all that goes with it.

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  1. WOW a trip to Rome for mom how wonderful. Sounds like life has sure been busy for you. Take some time to relax soon!!
    I want to get that book too. my son Chad had a fall and has spinal cord damage luckily he is able to walk but, has lot's of pain and has a pain control machine instlalled in his abdomen. It has helped him so much and now he is even able to work.