Thursday, July 23, 2009

July 19, 2009

Since it was Sunday, we started the day by going to Mass. We found a little church right by where we were staying, Our Lady of The Assumption and St. Gregory's Catholic Church.

So let me tell you a few reasons why this turned out to be an amazing little church. First, it is St. Gregory's (my dad's name). Second, every night as part of our prayers the Hubs and I pray to St. Anthony of Padua. This church had a St. Anthony Statue. Third, The Hubs (the non-Catholic) got asked to do a reading by the Deacon. When he mentioned he wasn't Catholic, they told him that was ok, and he did it anyway. Fourth, During the middle part of the mass we sang Psalm 23, which as you may recall is the Psalm my bracelet my aunt gave me after my second miscarriage, represents. Fifth, During the Prayer of the Faithful, we said a Hail Mary (not normally done) which is a prayer the hubs just learned by heart. Sixth, During his homily the Pastor mentioned Mystic, CT. Seventh, The deacon then introduced us to their "American" priest, Fr. Michael (you know I have a thing for Fr. Michael's), who was from Philly. After chatting with him for a bit, he invited us to tea and coffee in the parish hall after Mass. Eight, We of course went to the coffee gathering, and after talking some more it turns out Fr. Michael was going to be headed to CT shortly for a Knight's of Columbus thing (my dad works for The Knights ). So after all that, I think it is pretty safe to say that the Hubs and I were supposed to go to church that day.

After church it turned out to be lunch time, so when in England better eat fish and chips, which we did at Leicester Arms Pub.

Then it was off to the King's Cross train station for our train out to Cambridge. Any Harry Potter fan knows that the Hogwart's Express leaves from King's Cross. So I took a picture of the platform to show my fellow Harry Potter Fans. Unfortunately, I was not over near platform 9, but they all looked the same.

And of course here is a picture of the Hubs and I on the train:

Oh and some English countryside for good measure:

Once we got settled into the hotel in Cambridge, we were meeting the Hubs' boss and family for dinner. His boss was nice enough to drive me over to the "office" so I could see that the Hubs really does do work. LOL. Here is the exterior of the Builiding. It is on the University of Cambridge Campus, and you can barely make out the Microsoft posters hanging in the windows of this picture.

Then off to dinner. We ate at this really nice restaurnt called Three Horseshoes. I love the building, exactly what I picture when I think of England:

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  1. I love the St. Greg's story!! How cool!! It was meant for you to be there that day!