Saturday, July 4, 2009

July 3, 2009

Every year in Danbury, the city puts on "The Mall" fireworks. It has sort of become a tradition to go, and people set up hours early to tailgate. We past one family that had a huge spread under a tent. The fireworks are shot off from Danbury Airport, which is directly across from the mall. It is also where our airplane is hangared. So for maximum viewing, we head over to the hangar. We were literally across the runway from where they were setting off the fireworks. This years tailgating group included the hubs and I, my sis, my bro and his wife. My sis was going through a Michael Jackson phase, so we had MJ dance music on the ipod speakers.

In full tailgate style, here is a picture of my brother setting up the little smokey charcoal grill:

Here is a shot of the hubs and I:

Before it got too dark, there was another double rainbow. I am not sure if you can really see the second one on the right of the picture, it was pretty faint.

And of course, the main event... FIREWORKS!!!.. Happy Fourth of July!!!


  1. Great firework pics! It sounds like a fun evening!! And what a great view you had!!! WOW

  2. What a fun idea...we did a little tailgating in the parking lot of our favorite Malt Shop!