Saturday, August 1, 2009

July 21, 2009

Ah, my travels through Cambridge continue. Today's first stop was the Fitzwilliam Museum:

I went there because they had a cool exhibit entitled Endless Forms: Charles Darwin, Natural Science and the Visual Arts. It happens to be the 200th anniversary of Darwin, who happened to study at the University of Cambridge. While the special exhibit was interesting. I was much more impressed with their collection of paintings by Italian Renaissance artists, particularly of the Venetian school. There was lots of religious art which is always fascinating to me. Sadly, I could not take any pictures inside the museum, so you'll just have to take my word to go give the museum a visit.

Outside the museum was their 2009 Sculpture Promenade. There were some pretty interesting pieces. If you look at the sculpture with the kids in the front you can see the reflection of me taking their picture.

After the Fitzwilliam Museum, I went back over to the colleges. Here are some shots from the grounds and chapel at Pembroke College:

The Chapel:

I had to take a picture of the phone booths in England that are so famous. The Hubs heard a story that they will all be gone by next year. The picture from my honeymoon in 2005 in one of these phone booths is one of my favorite pictures ever.

On the corner of Kings Parade and another street whose name escapes me, at Corpus Christi College is this big clock, called the Time Eater clock. It had a giant bug on top with razor sharp teeth and a spiked back and as time ticks the bug/beast opens and closes his mouth. Also there are a ton of single blue lights, that apparently if you know how to interpret them can tell you time. It has no hands or digital numbers and it is specially designed to run in erratic fashion, slowing down and speeding up from time to time. Everyone seemed to be fascinated but me:

I took a quick gander into The Eagle Pub, where Watson and Crick first announce their discovery of DNA.

Then it was off to the University of Cambridge Zoology Museum. There is something about animals preserved in formeldehyde or taxidermied that creeps me out, and yet I took a bunch of pictures, including a bunch from animals I may never actually see in my life time alive (depending on where my travels take me).

So first up, the duck billed platypus:

A Wallaby:

An Anteater:

A Sloth:

And an Ardvark:

After visiting the crazy animals, the Hubs and I met up with his friend for dinner. They met will interning at NASA in 2004, and she is finishing up her PhD at the University of Cambridge. This fall she starts a position at Oxford University. Can you say she is a smart cookie? We had dinner at Restaurant 22, this tiny quaint restaurant, with an amazing seasonal menu. It was quite a good night.

So brings another fun day of adventure to a close.

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