Friday, January 28, 2011

This is your brain on film..or How not to spend a Friday

Yes, this is my brain on film, errr I mean CD (we are in the 21st century after all). Spent last Friday getting pictures taken of my brain. Don't worry I'm fine, just a follow-up to some things from last year. To be honest the MRI was quite relaxing... I must be a new mom is I can fall asleep in the MRI machine.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Better Late Than Never...or 2011 New Year's Resolutions

Resolutions are always a challenge for me. I seem to make them and I am not always good about completing them. I know last year was a bad example, I mean I had a great plan, but my son siderailed that (not that I am complaining!). So this year, as my priorities have shifted, the list is shorter but more meaningful. You'll notice there aren't any specifics really, just some new principals or priorites to live by.

Here's to 2011 being the best year yet.

Cherish family and friends
Be thankful for each day of good health
Take Care of myself, so I can be the best mom I can be
Live life (don’t let it happen)
Appreciate the small things
Help the less fortunate whenever we can

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Babies Are Rock Stars...or Close Encounters of the "Stranger" Kind

I continue to hold my theory that Babies are rock stars. People love them. My hubs loves the attention our son gets, constantly commenting on how wonderful our little man is. So here are some tidbits of encounters with Strangers we have had while out and about town.

In Church... Baby Boy in the Baby Bjorn napping on my chest, as we exit our pew at the conclusion of Mass, a woman stops me by putting her hand on my arm. She says "Oh he is just presious! Your first?" Me: "Yup." Lady:" You must be enjoying it, you haven't stopped smiling."

At the Grocery Store... Before shopping we realize Baby Boy needs to be changed, so instead of putting him in the Baby Bjorn, Hubs carrys him in wrapping his coat around the little guy so just Baby Boy's head is popping out. From the other side of the giant oranges display a little old lady says, "Oh my gosh... a baby!!" Hubs and I smile and nod, and keep walking toward the bathroom. Little old lady says, "Oh please can I see him?". Of course you can ma'am, and we stop to let her tell him how adorable he is.

At the Grocery Store... in line to check out. Baby in the Baby Bjorn babbling away. A man behinds me leans over and starts babbling back.

In line at Target....Hubs has Baby Boy in the Baby Bjorn, a woman leans over and says, "Oh he is so adorable, enjoy it! I wish I could tell you it gets better than this, but now my 5 year-old talks back."

In a deptarment store... we are visiting a friend who runs a makeup counter. She is holding Baby Boy behind the counter, a woman leans in and says, "Oh he is so cute. How much is he?"

In the LL Bean store... Grandma is holding Baby Boy while I check out. An elderly man comes over first to ask my mom how old her son is (go Hot Grandma!), and then to comment on how alert Baby Boy is for being under 3 months old. He says, "He's so curious...this one is gonna be trouble!"

Coming out of the restroom at a Restaurant... a couple leans in to say how cute Baby Boy is and ask hold old he is. The encounter ends with them saying, "Oh God Bless him!!"