Sunday, July 5, 2009

July 4, 2009

Well, this should be the day for fireworks and praise and thanks for all our men and women in the armed forces. And while, yes I did still think about it today, I had my fill of fireworks ysterday, and today I had my sister-in-laws 30th birthday party. My brother took my cue of the theme party, and went with a Princess theme.

Here is a picture of my siblings and I after we got finished decorating. The banner says, "Our Princess is Turning 30! Happy Birthday Tammy!"

Here is a pic of me and my sis. Isn't she gorgeous!

The birthday girl in the tiarra I bought her with my bro:

Blowing out the candles, not just regular candles, but candles shaped like the number "30" :

One of my S-I-L and my roommates from college (did I mention my S-I-L was my college roomate?) brought her two little boys. Here is the oldest one eating some cake. I love his little smirk. I hope one day soon I get blessed with a child as cute as he is!

All in a all a good day. the birthday girl got drunk and was hysterical opening presents, and we all had a good laugh. Here is to being 30!!

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