Monday, August 10, 2009

August 02, 2009

Had to go on a business trip today. So my staff and I met at the airport, and boarded our first flight to Cleveland. When we arrived at cleveland, our 5:40 flight was delayed until 8:00. Then is was delayed until 10:00 pm. Then there was no first officer to fly the plane. Eventually our gate didn't have a time, it just said delay:

After another hour or so sitting around the Cleveland Airport (Here was our view):
they cancelled our flight. Due to weather. No weather anywhere we could see. And Atlanta was showing clear on the Weather Channel site. So we contacted our work's travel desk, found a flight for first thing the next morning, and booked a night in the Marriott. Luckily the Marriot was awesome, and newly renovated, and the people on the shuttle bus with us were hysterical. So since I was planning on spending a night in a hotel anyway, I guess it didn't really matter which hotel. :)

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