Saturday, August 22, 2009

August 15, 2009

My father-in-law was insistent that I get up to the races at Saratoga Springs. He has been taking the Hubs for years, and I have never gone, until today. We had a great day, so the Hubs and Pops flew us up to Saratoga in our Cessena 172 Skyhawk.

We got there a little early, but that was ok because I got to examine my first tip sheet, and take some pictures.

Pops bought us enterance to the clubhouse, so we got to stand right at the finish line. Here are the horses from the first race in those last few yards!

Man,the jockeys are dirty after the race. It was cool they walked right past us.

Pops likes to get home early, so we only stayed for 4 races. But I wound up being up on the day (money to put towards my Rome trip!), which was pretty exciting. My favorite horse name for the day, "Her Latest Flame". Unfortunately that horse scratched and I couldn't bet on it.

After we got back, the hubs and I just wanted to relax, so we went to dinner at one of our favorite Italian restaurants, La Zingara. After a bottle of wine, and some amazing food, I was one happy lady!

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