Thursday, February 12, 2009

seriously --- GOOO NICK MITCHELL

So in case anyone missed it last night, Nick made it through to the top 36. HOLY GUACAMOLE BATMAN! Seriuosly, when in Season 2 Julia DeMato (also from my home town and high school) made it through to the top 10 (all there was then) it was cool. I mean I technically knew her, but not really. With Nick, I mean OMG.... i really know him.. he was my sister's bff for years. He was at my wedding, my whole family loves him. He knows my extended fam and they love him... It is too nuts.

So I don't normally do this.... but please Please please watch American Idol, and vote for Nick Mitchell aka Norman Gentle.


( I figure if everyone is coming out of the woodwork in my small little CT town, I am allowed to since at least Nick was almost part of my family!)

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