Friday, February 20, 2009

February 16, 2009

on Monday I left a little late for work. I left the house at 9 am. If you recall it is a 1 hours drive. It was past the time my local radio station announces traffic, so I think it is going to a day unlike the rest and there should be little traffic given the lateness of the morning.
About 10 exits from where I want to be, I start to see signs that the high way is shut down at exit 48A (of course right where I need to get off) due to some accident. I don't have a GPS, and don't really know that area too well, so I make the decision to stay on the highway and get to the exit before the one I wanted to get off at because I know how to get to the office from there. Yum yeah, dumb dumb dumb idea.
Here I am in my car, my office in plain view not 2 miles from where I sat stuck between two exits for the better part of 4 hours. Pictured above are the cars in front of me. Pictured below is the line of cars behind me as reflected in my driver side mirror.
I didn't get to work until 1:30 pm. Serously, sometimes I hate mornings.

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