Friday, February 12, 2010

Non-Fiction Here I Come... sort of...

#10 - Read more Non-Fiction

So this started out as a joke. You see, when I was asked by a friend of mine what I have been reading lately, all I could muster as an answer was "young adult vampire novels... 4 different series". Ok, so time to stop the teen vamps, and look for some grown-up books. The plan is to read 1 book every two months.

Here are my first two selections:

Why did I decide to start the non-fiction event off with two political memoirs? Well, reading about Politics is pretty much the same as reading fiction, so I figured it would help me ease into the realm of unfamiliar.

I am taking suggestions on other non-fiction to read... please send along any ideas via comment!

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  1. Methinks you should have replaced "Game Change" with "True Compass."