Friday, February 12, 2010

January Recap

1. Learn to ballroom dance - Not yet, have to call the studio
2. Walk a 5k for a good cause - Looking for one in May, but haven't signed up yet
3. Clean out the closets in my house (4) - Yeah right!
4. Have an official date night with The Hubs at least 1x a month - January Done!
5. Take vocal lessons - nope.
6. Go to Eucharistic Adoration at least once a month - Went twice, have a lot to prayer for
7. Reconnect with at least one old friend - Working on this one!
8. Have my old photos (the really old ones) scanned - have to gather them all together first, this probably be after I clean out the closets.
9. Try one new vegetable a month - January Done!
10. Read more non-fiction (at least 6 books this year) - First 2 picked out!
11. Continue to blog funny or interesting photos - Well, I got one...
12. Stop drinking Drink Less Starbucks - changed this to drink less, I had a hard time giving up Caramel Macchiatos, especially on the weekend! So now it is a weekend only treat.
13. Make more whoopie - No comment. Why did I put this on here again?
14.Learn to use my Adobe Photoshop Software - Maybe in February I'll pick up the book I got.
15. Cancel ALL All but one of my magazine subscriptions - Changed my mind - keeping my Weight Watchers Magazine.. good tips, good recipes - And Oh yeah, I cancelled all of my other subscriptions! DONE!
16. Live in the moment - Trying!
17. Volunteer with RESOLVE - have a suppport group month picked out and ready to co-lead witha friend.
18. Organize and keep my desk clean - Well it went from piled high, to just piled.. Almost there!
19. Get caught up on my scrapbooks - Scrapping Trip/Weekend planned for the last weekend of February, expect a big dent at that point.
20. Use my home gym regularly (4x per week) - Um...
21. Visit my grandmother more - still have to work on this. In my defense everyone in her house was sick
22. Try Bikram Yoga - not yet.
23. Try one new recipe a month - January Done!
24. Use our pool at least 2x per month during the summer - On hold, given it is 30 degrees out.
25. Visit at least 3 CT State parks - figure this will be a summer thing
26.Lose 20 pounds - slow and steady wins the race...
27. Recycle my old magazines - Officially recycled 3 stacks of magazines in January.
28. Plan an amazing 5th Anniversary for the Hubs - plans are in the works..
29. Learn how to use my StoryBook Plus software - Just added this one... so I need some more time.

Still have 3 more slots.... I am taking any and all ideas!!

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  1. I learned to use my SW and it is awsome. Took only 70 minutes. What are the big 5 year plans I hope I will be able to help with those.