Saturday, February 13, 2010

February's Vegetable of The Month

#9 - Try one new vegetable a month

February's vegetable of the month... bok choy

Over the years I have found myself picking the bok choy out of my chinese food, and claiming not to really like it. But since this is the year for trying things, I decided to give it a go.

Since the only way I have ever had bok choy is in Chinese food, we used it in a stirfry that also had beef, red peppers, and shitake mushrooms. It came out really yummy.

But now I have extra bok choy, and have to find some other way to make it. Suggestions?

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  1. Hey, when I had bok choy coming out my ears this summer through the csa, I did all sorts of things with it. I used it like you would lettuce to make a lettuce wrapped "sandwich", I put it in salad, I made soup and just had it kind of like cabbage floating in the top (add it the last 30 min or so of simmering time)...etc. Not bad, but glad it's not in my fridge regularly :-)