Sunday, May 31, 2009

May 31, 2009

Mojitos and Gardening.

Yes, I know, a weird combination.

The hubs and I have been craving mojitos since we got back from our vacation, and I had a bunch of extra watermelon from my gazpacho. So we made watermelon mojitos!

Then I am on this gardening kick, which I think totally comes from seeing Connie's plantings, and hearing a "organic vegetable garden" commercial on the radio a hundred times a day. So while I was at Walmart, I saw these two cute kits... one for herbs, and one for tomatoes, peppers, and lettuce. So I picked them up. We'll see if I can make them sprout, at which point they will need bigger pots.


  1. Yum!! Those mojitos remind me of the islands, perfect for summer!! You have had the best recipes on here lately!!

  2. I am working on inventing a new drink based loosely on the Mojito!

    I'm glad my little garden has inspired you and I can't wait to see if those things sprout!