Wednesday, April 22, 2009

April 21, 2009

Another long post. But this one is pretty funny.

I had a meeting in NYC for work today. I had to be at World Financial Center by 9 am. I am not a morning person by any stretch, so I picked out my suit and shoes the night before, and packed my bag accordingly. I hate to drive in my high heels, so I always pack them in my bag.

Well I get to WFC in pleanty of time, and I pull my shoes out of my bag, and this is what I find:

OK, so apparently when I was trying on my shoes the night before, after I decided which to wear, I put the two mismatched shoes in my bag. UGH! So luckily I was wearing a gray suit, and the pants are a little long, and my sneakers are black.

I sat through the meeting, and right after it ended (luckily at noon, so perfect timing for a little lunch trip) I ran to the DSW Shoe Store to grab som new shoes.

Here is what I bought. On clearance, and in record time. I swear this was the fastest shoe shopping experience ever!

Then I had dinner with some friends from work. Kevin (the tall guy in the back) is about to move to New Zealand to work for Deloitte there. We ate at Luna Piena, which is this really cute little Italian place on E. 53rd St. A nice glass of Pinot Noir, calamari and homemade lasagna later.. I was one happy girl.

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