Wednesday, April 22, 2009

April 20, 2009

Ok, so I forgot to take a picture today. You know, sometimes that happens.

So, here is another picture from Saturday. After I got my hair done, and went for a mani/pedi, the hubs and I met my Uncle Chris and Aunt Mary in NYC for dinner. To celebrate my 30th birthday... that was in December... but hey we were busy, so who says you can't celebrate a few days( errr... months) late?

I got to choose the restaurant.. which was a challenge. So I made 2 reservations... one for my favorite Brazilian Steak House, Churrascaria Plataforma, and a second for Del Posto, and Italian Place partially owned by Mario Batali (oh how I love him!!). I thought I would let my uncle pick. But of course I got the call that said "Whatever you want Honey, it's your birthday!".

If you know me, you know making decisions is not my strong suit. So after some thought and a Del Posto menu review, I decided that since Mario Batali would not actually be cooking my dinner, and Del Posto was a lot more expensive than his other restaurant Lupa, which I really love, I would go for the constant parade of meat on a stick and Churrascaria Plataforma.

Happy Birthday to Me!

In case you want to know how I spent my birthday check out ths post here.

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