Sunday, October 18, 2009

October 11, 2009

It is one of my favorite days in the Fall.... Apple Picking Day. So we saddled up the troops to head over to the local orchard.

It took 20 minutes just to get down the street to park. The weather was beautiful!

We met up sith my friend and her twins, who are now two months old. They are getting so big!

There were four kinds of apples today: Mutsu, Cortland, Golden Blush and Ida Red. So we go up to the hut to pay, and I am looking at the bag sizes and see the small says 5-7, the middle says 10-12, and the large says 20-25. I am thinking apples, so I talk the Hubs into the large bag. Which cost a fortune! Well, I turned out to be the dummy, when I realized it was pounds and I now had 30 lbs of apples!

Blue Jay also has a pumpkin patch, and I love pictures with pumpkins!

It was a great day with great company. Now what to do with 30 lbs of apples?

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