Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I have a friend from long ago, who happened to be America's latest funny man. All over the country people were talking about him and his act, as shown weekly on a popular television show. It was a lot of fun for the past few weeks to watch him get more and more attention. It was fun to sit back and know that he was finally getting the attention he deserved. But it sort of made me think....

What does he feel? How is he holding up under the pressure to perform? And on and on....

Then I heard the song "Circus" By Britney Spears on the radio, and it made me think of him.

Here are the first few verses:

there's only two types of people in the world
the ones that entertain
and the ones that observe
well baby I'm a put-on-a-show kinda girl
dont like the backseat
gotta be first

I'm like the ringleader
I call the shots
I'm like a fire cracker
I make it hot
when I put on a show

I feel the adrenaline moving through my veins
spotlight on me and I'm ready to break
I'm like a performer, the dancefloor is my stage
better be ready, hope that ya feel the same

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