Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Babies Are Rock Stars... or tidbits from the first 10 weeks of parenthood **WARNING contains lots of pictures**

* Babies are rock stars... or so I have learned as every where I go, everyone ooo's and ahhh's. How could they not with a face like this:

* My vocabulary has changed...all words now have an "ie" or a "y" on the end. For example, a sentence: "Ok baby boy, Mommy is going to change your diapie, then you get some milkie, and then you can give Mommy a big burpy".

* I fall in love a little more each day, and live for the moments like these:

* It is amazing what you can learn to do with one hand.

* I have lost almost all my brain cells. In the first three weeks, I got into the shower with my glasses on unknowingly 8 times, and got frustrated when they fogged up.

* Sleep is the world's most undervalued commodity.

* It is important to have a support system of people who understand exactly what you are going through.

* My breast pump makes me feel like I should be working on a dairy farm...as a cow.

* I am petrified of flat head syndrome...so I choose to "wear my baby".

*The swing, although a God-send, makes me feel like a bad mom.

* Always be prepared for the unexpected. Pack extra bottles, changes of clothes and the like. You never know what the day might bring.

* I have to be flexible.

* Sometimes being serious is ok.

* Treasure every minute, cause it goes way too fast.

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