Sunday, January 25, 2009

Here is a perfect example...

of how a song can affect my mood. I was having a pretty good day, it was late afternoon on Saturday. I am standing in CVS buying nothing too exiciting: dental floss, deodorant, face wash and picking up a prescription for the hubs. When over their music sytem comes a song from my past.

"I Do Cherish You" by 98 Degrees. Here are the lyrics:

"All I am, all I'll be
Everything in this world
All that I'll ever need
Is in your eyes
Shining at me
When you smile I can feel
All my passion unfolding
Your hand brushes mine
And a thousand sensations
Seduce me 'cause I

I do cherish you
For the rest of my life
You don't have to think twice
I will love you still
From the depths of my soul
It's beyond my control
I've waited so long to say this to you
If you're asking do I love you this much
I do

In my world, before you
I lived outside my emotions
Didn't know where I was going
'Til that day I found you
How you opened my life
To a new paradise
In a world torn by change
Still with all of my heart
'Til my dying day


I am suddenly transported to being 20 years old, in college, thinking about an EX, who at the time I was head over heels for and would have thought about spending the rest of my life with had life not gotten in the way. Now to give you some perspective, I am not sad over this person being an EX, we are both happily married now and life turned out the way it was supposed to, but there I was in the middle of the CVS mouthing the words to this song, thinking about love from long ago. And seriously stuck in this reminiscy mode. You know how you tend to only think about good things when you reminisce? Yeah, that was me.

Luckily I was able to exit the CVS before the song was over, but I was now in a seriously bummed mood thinking about how old I felt, and how it was sad sed EX and I don't even speak anymore. And contemplating trying to get back in touch.

I hop in the car, and the radio comes on. I literally started laughing. The song?

"Just A Friend... Biz Markie" .....

Here is a snippet of the lyrics from this horrible rap (if you can call it that) song:

"Have you ever met a girl that you tried to date
But a year to make love she wanted you to wait
Let me tell ya a story of my situation
I was talkin to this girl from the u.s. nation
The way that I met her was on tour at a concert
She had long hair and a short miniskirt
I just got onstage drippin, pourin with sweat
I was walkin through the crowd and gues who I met
I whispered in her ear, come to the picture booth
So I can ask you some questions to see if you are a hundred proof
I asked her her name, she said blah-blah-blah
She had 9/10 pants and a very big bra
I took a couple of flicks and she was enthused
I said, how do you like the show? She said, I was very amused
I started throwin bass, she started throwin back mid-range
But when I sprung the question, she acted kind of strange
Then when I asked, do ya have a man, she tried to pretend
She said, no I dont, I only have a friend

Come on, Im not even goin for it
This is what Im goin sing
You, you got what I need
but you say hes just a friend
And you say hes just a friend,
oh babyYou, you got what I need
but you say hes just a friend
But you say hes just a friend,
oh babyYou, you got what I need
but you say hes just a friend
But you say hes just a friend"

And just like that I was snapped out of my bummed out reminsicy mood, and ready to enjoy the rest of my day. And thankful that I didn't make the attempt to delve into my past....

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